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Town Clerk

2023 Fee Schedule (PDF; 115 KB)

Transfer Station Permit Application (PDF; 16 KB)

Credit/Debit Card Information (PDF; 10 KB)

Application for copy of Marriage Certificate (PDF; 77 KB)

Application for copy of Death Certificate (PDF; 49 KB)

Application for copy of Birth Certificate (PDF; 106 KB)

FOIL Request Form (PDF; 25 KB)

Dog License by Mail (PDF; 22 KB)

Marriage License Affidavit (PDF; 55 KB)

Town Board

Short Term Rental Law (PDF; 195 KB)

3/8/23 Town Board Meeting Documents (PDF; 776 KB)

Short-Term Rental Application (PDF; 208 KB)

Understanding the Property Tax Cap (PDF; 184 KB)

Resolution to Adopt Taxcap Override (PDF; 105 KB)

Building Code

Design Guidelines (PDF; 6334 KB)

Land Use

Farmland, Open Space & Resource Conservation Plan

Design & Construction Standards for Land Development

Municipal Code

01 General Provisions (PDF; 13 KB)

02 Legal Defense for Town Employees (PDF; 17 KB)

03 Code of Ethics (PDF; 18 KB)

05 Appearance Tickets (PDF; 17 KB)

21 Junk Yards and Auto Parts Activities (PDF; 32 KB)

22 Bingo 2200 (PDF; 9 KB)

30 Access Management (PDF; 451 KB)

31 Zoning Ordiance (PDF; 1063 KB)

32 Subdivision Regulations (PDF; 157 KB)

33 Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks (PDF; 15 KB)

34 Unsafe Buildings Law (PDF; 14 KB)

35 Soil and erosion Control (PDF; 32 KB)

36 Uniform Code Administration/Enforcement (PDF; 155 KB)

37 Providing Fair Housing Opportunities (PDF; 19 KB)

38 Canandaigua Lake Uniform Docking/Mooring Law (PDF; 2929 KB)

39 Right to Farm Law (PDF; 13 KB)

40 Use of Heritage Park, A Town Park (PDF; 7 KB)

41 Open Containers Local Law (PDF; 9 KB)

42 Prior Notice Law (PDF; 12 KB)

44 Public Water Supply Rules/Regulations (PDF; 41 KB)

45 Flood Damage Prevention (PDF; 83 KB)

50 Dog Law (PDF; 107 KB)

51 Regulating Sewage Disposal (PDF; 63 KB)

53 Junk, Rubbish and Garbage Ordianance (PDF; 11 KB)

54 Trespass-Transfer Station (PDF; 9 KB)

55 Establishing Sewer Rents (PDF; 34 KB)

56 On-Site Individual Wastewater Treatment System Law (PDF; 159 KB)

57 Noise Law (PDF; 15 KB)

59 Property Maintenance Law (PDF; 18 KB)

60 Sole Appointed Assessor (PDF; 9 KB)

61 Tax Exemption, Persons 65 Years of Age and Older (PDF; 15 KB)

62 Tax Exemption, Veterans (PDF; 8 KB)

63 Tax Exemption, Persons with Disabilities (PDF; 9 KB)


Building Permit Application (PDF; 26 KB)

Zoning Maps (PDF; 1162 KB)


RP524 Complaint on Real Property Assessment (PDF; 120 KB)

New York State Request for Attestation of Exemption